Craft Spirits Made From Fresh Florida Crops

Our handcrafted spirits are made according to the pioneer tradition of American distilling. We source and use only the very best local and regional agricultural feedstock. Everyday our award winning distillers mill, grind, mash, cook, ferment these ingredients and then distill them in our two copper pot stills to make a unique, smooth and flavorful line of spirits. Most distilleries produce more liquor in a single day than our batch distilling method can in a full year, but for us it isn't about drinking more; it's about drinking better.
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Florida Cane Vodka

St. Augustine Distillery Co. Florida Cane Vodka is pot distilled from 100% Florida-farmed sugar cane, and was awarded a Double-Gold medal by © in their “Best Domestic Vodka” contest. Cuts are made by hand, ensuring only the best quality spirit goes in each bottle of this super premium small batch Florida Cane Vodka. This distillation process creates a spirit free from impurities, producing an incredibly smooth vodka with  hints of  green apple, white pepper, and  molasses.

New World Gin

New World Gin

St. Augustine Distillery Co. small batch New World Gin is carefully crafted from the finest botanicals. It has just enough juniper to support good structure, and balanced citrus and spice notes such as cassia bark and angelica. Hand-grinding whole, fresh herbs with a vintage burr mill preserves the freshness and vibrancy of the botanicals in this expression of a classic spirit. In  2015,  our New World Gin brought home a Gold Medal from the San Francisco International Spirits Competition, and as well as the American Craft Distilling Association held in Austin, TX 


Pot Distilled Rum

St. Augustine Distillery Co. Pot Distilled Rum is made from select, regional sugarcane syrups and molasses. Each batch is fermented, distilled, and aged on-site. This rum is a culmination from our best works in a series of trials that we produced over the course of a year. The result is a straw rum with slight grassy notes, coconut, vanilla, and brown sugar. Pot Distilled Rum is a versatile rum that is designed to work well in cocktails that typically feature white and amber rums.


Florida’s Original Bourbon

We have already laid down over 500 barrels of Florida’s first, large-format bourbon and they are currently aging at the distillery.  We are developing our foundational spirits and learning what sort of bourbon Florida wants to make. It is our sincerest hope that we will make one of the finest small batch bourbons in America. We look forward to sharing our journey and discoveries with you when it is ready in 2016. Sign up to our newsletter (below) to make sure you are first in line at the distillery when we uncork barrel #1, open our first bottle and pour the first glass!


Discovery Rum Series

Our Discovery Series is a group of limited release expressions, created during the development of our flagship rum. Each production run was fermented and distilled on-site using select, premium regional sugarcane syrups and molasses in our copper pot stills. We are excited to share a behind-the-scenes look into the development of our first rum release. We hope you will enjoy this collection of four distinct rums, as much as we did making them.