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In Defense of Vodka

by St. Augustine Distillery

Tales of the Cocktail writer, Shelby Pope, recently wrote an article titled, “In Defense of Vodka,” where she featured a photo of our vodka bottle and the caption, “Hand crafted, locally made vodkas like St. Augustine Distillery’s Florida Cane Vodka are presenting bartenders with just one more reason to give the stigmatized spirit a second glance.” And boy, do we agree. Our vodka is quite tasty. We’ve won multiple awards for it including Double Gold Medal for Best Domestic Vodka in The Fifty Best (2014) and a Gold Medal at the 2015 MicroLiquor Spirits Awards.

Here’s an excerpt from Pope’s article: “How did vodka get to be so maligned? Like gluten-free food and Justin Bieber, the backlash stems from its extreme popularity. Vodka started becoming popular in the US after World War II, and got a boost in popularity after the Moscow Mule was invented — and when James Bond started ordering bartenders to use it in his martinis, eschewing the traditional gin. By the 1990’s it was the center of a cocktail scene where people wanted to taste everything but the alcohol — an attitude embodied, of course, by Carrie Bradshaw’s love of Cosmopolitans.”

To read the entire article, click here.