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New World Gin

The Garden Gimlet

by St. Augustine Distillery

When envisioning the perfect gimlet, lime and gin are the key ingredients that come to mind. But which is better, fresh lime juice or lime juice cordial? For long-time drinkers of the classic Gimlet, the answer is likely cordial. Then again, they haven’t tried our garden version. 

Said to have gained popularity from Rear-Admiral Sir Thomas Desmond Gimlette around the time of 1879 to 1913, the Gimlet was born as a vitamin tonic of sorts. Used to fight the painful disease of scurvy by replenishing sailors with Vitamin C, the Gimlet became a way to wash down sweetened lime juice concentrate rationed out on boats and mixed with whatever alcohol was at hand (in an officer’s case, gin; in a sailor’s case, rum).

Here at the Distillery, we also like to get our Vitamin C, though we may have changed the recipe into a libation that can thankfully be enjoyed beyond scurvied sailors.

Appropriately called The Garden Gimlet, this cocktail is a fresh take on the classic concoction, which is traditionally made with 50 percent lime cordial, 50 percent gin.  We incorporate fresh herbs sprouted from local farms, fresh lime, cane sugar syrup and our New World Gin. We prefer fresh ingredients rather than cordials that are concocted with High Fructose Corn Syrup and Blue Number 1. The Garden Gimlet shifts from “processed” back into a process. Once one of these are in your hands, you’ll wish summer would dwindle down just a little more slowly. Cheers.   

The Garden Gimlet:

1 oz. Fresh Lime Juice

1 oz. Simple Syrup

2 oz. St. Augustine Distillery New World Gin

Shake, Strain and Serve in a Coupe Glass

Garnish with a fresh herb of your choice  

* Article & Recipe Inspired by Eric Foster’s “Garden Gimlet” at Cask & Larder