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The Farmers on Our Labels

by St. Augustine Distillery

We try to support everything local.  Local illustrator Jenna Alexander drew our farmers (Francisco & Mike) and Jared Swafford a local graphic designer designed our labels.

Citrus The Rogers Family

One of the founding growers in the world famous Indian River Citrus District, The Rogers family has been growing grapefruit in Florida since 1928. Red grapefruit, flame grapefruit and white grapefruit along with tangerines and oranges are produced on 7,000 acres of land. Florida produces the world’s finest grapefruit. The tropical climate and rich soil produce a fruit that is juicier and sweeter than any other. The uncommon quality of our citrus is attributed to the unique soil as well as the geologic and weather conditions of the Indian River Citrus District. We work closely with the Rogers family to procure Florida’s highest quality citrus blossoms and tree ripened citrus.


****(Mike, owner and farmer from The Rogers Farm is the farmer featured on our GIN label)

Heirloom Sugar Cane


Heirloom Sugar Cane- KYV Farm

KYV Farm is an 80-acre certified organic family farm in St. Johns County. Their farming practices include crop rotation, cover crop as green manure, compost and mulches, using proven organic seeds, good irrigation systems and cold frames to start/extend the growing season. The farm works closely with us on a program to re-establish several varieties of nearly extinct heirloom sugar cane for an agricultural rum.


****(Francisco the owner and farmer from KYV is the farmer featured on our VODKA label)