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The Sour Formula

by St. Augustine Distillery

The SOUR is one of the most basic and prevalent formulas in the cocktail world. There are so many variations it can be a little overwhelming. Recognize the pattern, and you’ll be golden behind any bar.

1 Part Sour
1 Part Sweet
2 Parts Strong

Lets look at the options……

Fresh Lime Juice
Fresh Lemon Juice


Simple Syrup
Maple Syrup
Brown Sugar


St. Augustine Distillery Cane Vodka
St. Augustine Distillery New World Gin

So, there it is. A basic introduction to the quintessential summer classic, the Sour. Experiment with some of the sweets and see what you can come up with. It’s worth noting that when a sour is sweetened with a liqueur instead of a syrup, it is called a Daisy.

If you serve a sour up, it is called a sour, but if you pour it over ice in a rocks glass, it becomes a fix. If you serve it in a highball and top it with soda, it becomes a collins. If you omit the sweetener, then it is a rickey, and if you make a rickey, but replace the soda water with ginger beer, it becomes a buck or mule.

As much as I enjoy making a great drink, the real enjoyment comes from educating people on how to make great cocktails.

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