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Gin 101 & Gin Cocktails

St. Augustine Distillery

The St. Augustine Distillery Co. Gin Experience

Happy Hour Class 6:15pm

Eventbrite - Gin 101 & Gin Cocktail Workshop- Saturdays 6:15

Night Class 8:00pm

Eventbrite - Gin 101 & Gin Cocktail Workshop- Saturdays 8pm

Gin has a colorful and dramatic history, which rivals that of any other alcohol.  While all gin has some juniper flavor, other ingredients can include a wide array of herbs, botanicals, fruits, spices and even tea.  We explore gin’s history, nose & taste the different categories of Gin, and give an overview of the process of creating our New World Gin.

The spirit is essential for numerous classics.  We teach basic bartending techniques and give everyone the opportunity to make a classic gin cocktail.  After you feel comfortable, expert bartenders will help you make your own creation.

Optional tours are held during the half hour between classes.

St. Augustine Distillery
112 Riberia Street
St. Augustine FL 32084

$35 per person

The St. Augustine Distillery Gin Experience runs every Saturday June 28th- August 30th